Cisco's named one of America's best historic restaurants

Eating well while traveling doesn't always mean hitting up the newest, hottest and trendiest locales. Besides, given the notoriously high failure rate in the restaurant industry, chances are the memorable new restaurant you try this year won't be around in the years to come. 

Those who want a side of history with their dinners -- and a higher probability for a return visit -- should seek out some of America's wonderful, still-thriving historic restaurants, from the centuries-old steakhouses in Manhattan to San Francisco's 100-year-old seafood counter, Seattle's midcentury four-star, and the Tex-Mex breakfast spot that Austin, Texas, politicos, from Lyndon B. Johnson onward, have called home for decades.

Cisco's Restaurant Bakery, Austin

Widely known for serving the best breakfast in Austin, 62 year-old Tex-Mex spot Cisco's is family run and has been a local favorite for generations. The migas are legendary, but don't miss their huevos rancheros and complimentary hot fluffy biscuits. It is an established hangout for Austin politicos and looks about the same as it did when Lyndon Johnson held court here many mornings during his days in the Legislature. 

1511 E 6th St, Austin, TX 78702-3375

via CNN

Matthew Cisneros